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Golani soldier injured in Hebron; Bus attacked in clashes in Jerusalem

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A Golani soldier was injured during clashes near the Jewish quarter in Hebron, Kan 11 reported Tuesday evening, in a night of ongoing clashes between Arabs and Israeli security forces.
The soldier was hit by a rock thrown at the force and suffered light wounds, according to the report.
Rioters attacked a bus traveling toward the Western Wall near Damascus Gate in Jerusalem on Tuesday evening, Israeli media reported.
Police who were stationed nearby following earlier clashes in the area arrested 22 suspects accused of throwing rocks at passing vehicles and disrupting traffic.
A bus driver and 16-year-old teen suffered light injuries from the attack, Maariv reported. The 38-year-old driver was injured from a glass shard to the head, and the teen was hurt in the stomach from stones. Both were evacuated to Hadassah-University Medical Center on Mount Scopus, according to the report.
Palestinian sources reported 55 injured throughout the day in the clashes.
A video on social media shows an undercover Border Policeman firing a gun at the sky during another arrest at Herod’s Gate 500 meters away.
Meanwhile, Palestinian media reported that rioters threw a molotov cocktail at a security post near Kalandiya, Maariv reported on Tuesday. IDF soldiers responded with fire at the rioters. No injuries have been reported.
Earlier on Tuesday afternoon, clashes broke out at the Damascus Gate by the Old City of Jerusalem between Arabs and Israeli security forces, Palestinian media reported.
Tensions in the Old City have been high over the past several days. On Monday, buses changed their track to avoid passing by Damascus Gate and stopped by Jaffa Gate, without reaching their destination at the Western Wall.
Several reports of attacks on buses came from the past several days, some leaving light injuries and destruction to the vehicles.
“We will not endanger the driver and passengers’ safety within Jerusalem and we expect police and defence forces to act professionally and carefully to find a solution,” Egged’s spokesperson reportedly said, although later reports from the large bus company relayed that only one bus strayed from its designated course.

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